Why Choose Rosehill Agency?

We keep your home in order!

At Rosehill Agency, we take a professional approach to taking care of your domestic concerns, and we strive to provide unparalleled service when it comes to various different domestic staffing tasks. In order to cover all of your domestic need bases, our staff is comprised of a multitude of different types of professionals specializing in everything from cooking, to child care, and everything in between. We understand how busy life can get in today’s modern day and age, and we realize the type of toll that this can take on your family life as well as your personal levels of stress, so we want to provide a solution in an effort to give you the relaxing home experience you need.

With both full-time and part-time domestic staffing positions available, you can pick and choose from the services you need in order to build a truly customized experience. At Rosehill Agency, our services give you the ability to hire as much, or as little, help as you need, so the control of your household is always left in your hands. With our part-time services, our professionals can come to you to perform your chosen domestic tasks as often as you require, and our full-time help can provide you with a way to take care of those bigger jobs.

Our Process

The simple and trusted selection process we use at Rosehill Agency pairs you with the best professionals for your requirements, and allows you to meet each candidate personally before making your final choice. In crafting our process, we wanted to make sure that convenience was on the side of our clients, and that each person who comes to us gets exactly the help they are looking for.

The first portion of our selection process is finding out just what your requirements entail, and this is done by filling out our simple application form. When you apply, we will want to know just what type of position you’re looking to fill, any special qualifications you would prefer for such a position, as well as just what you are looking to spend on any said service, and we will use this information to touch base with you during a follow up phone call. This line of communication will allow us to build a detailed picture of just what you’re looking for, and this helps us to find a professional to best suit your needs.

Once we know just what you’re looking for, we will start our candidate selection process which carefully analyzes each of our professionals in order to choose a select few who we feel would be a perfect match. Each candidate is given a complete background check before being presented to you, and you will be able to interview each professional before making your final selection.

Start Your Search

Hiring residential staff is an excellent solution for those who want to get more done, or spend more time with their families, despite a busy schedule. For today’s professional, having quality time to spend with your family can be rare, and time to simply relax even more so, but residential staffing can make this goal an everyday reality as you allocate your everyday tasks to professionals in the field who are happy to help. If you’re interested in seeing what we at Rosehill Agency and domestic staffing can do for you, simply apply below to learn more and get started.

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