Personal Assistants

Have you ever wished you could have just a bit of help with all of the little things? With a personal assistant, that is exactly what you receive, and we at Rosehill Agency have experienced personal assistants capable of caring for your personal and professional schedule, setting up appointments, making reservations, and running all of those errands you may not have time for on any given day. A personal assistant is a type of domestic staffing professional whose task is simply to work for you in whichever ways may be deemed necessary in order to make your life a bit easier, and they can be placed in charge of a plethora of roles as you see fit. If you happen to have a busy schedule for any reason, we at Rosehill Agency are confident that you’ll be amazed by just how much easier your life becomes with the aid of a professional personal assistant.


Personal assistants also take care of travel bookings, and this one benefit that is invaluable should you travel often for personal or professional reasons. Your personal assistant can even craft your entire travel itinerary if you’d like, so all you need to worry over when the time comes to leave is when you’re set to board the plane.