Because nannies spend so much time with our children, choosing the right one is an incredibly important task. At Rosehill Agency, all of our nannies are not only well-versed in CPR and First Aid, but they are given a full background check as part of their professional screening process before becoming a part of our trusted team. A nanny is a type of caregiver that often lives within the home and provides around the clock care for children, so you can have the peace of mind that your little ones are well taken care of at all times. Our House Mama nannies will often take on tasks such as managing child schedules, tidying up play areas or bedrooms, preparing meals for the children, and overseeing their daily activities, giving you a way to go about your daily schedule without worry about your children.


With the busy schedule of children today, filled with both education and recreational activities, it can be difficult to efficiently run a household and carry on with your professional life without stress over making sure the children are being well taken care of, but this process becomes significantly easier with the assistance of a professional nanny. No matter where your personal or professional life may take you during any given day, your children’s schedule will not be disrupted, and they will be in the care of a trusted and experienced professional.


If your child is having difficulty in school, or with a particular educational subject, your nanny may also be able to tutor the child at home for that much needed extra bit of homework help. Because these types of professionals are trained in child care, they will often have a firm grasp on a number of children’s educational subjects, allowing them a way to be an excellent at-home educational helper.