The duties of a housekeeper are varied, and we at Rosehill Agency know firsthand just all of the benefits they can bring to the home. The tasks involved with running a household can often keep you from actually sitting back and enjoying it, but a housekeeper can take this workload off of your hands and allow you that much needed rest and relaxation. Of all of the tasks of a housekeeper, the best known are typically the ones involved with cleaning, but our professionals can provide even more to your home than keeping a tidy space. On top of the usual ironing, dusting, vacuuming, or laundry, these professionals can also lend a helping hand when it comes to running errands, preparing light meals, or providing some child care as well. Each of our Rosehill Agency housekeepers goes through a screening process which includes a full background check, giving you the peace of mind that your domestic staff is both qualified and trustworthy.


If you have other members of your domestic staff, a housekeeper can also act as something of a manager in overseeing additional employees. Your housekeeper can help to allocate certain tasks and manage schedules in an effort to ensure everything involved with running your household goes as smoothly as possible. With the presence of a housekeeper, you’ll not only have a tidier home and lighter personal schedule, but other factions of your domestic staffing duties can become more streamlined as well.


A home is best enjoyed if you have the time to sit back and enjoy it, and this is often an impossibility when the everyday chores of the house begin to pile up. Our housekeepers can help you to keep your home duties under control as you gain the benefit of a better running and more relaxed household!