Estate Managers

The role of an estate manager is an important one, and if you are managing a household staff in more than one residence, it could be argued that is a very necessary one as well. An estate manager is a type of domestic staffing professional placed in charge of managing both staff and services in one or more residences, along with managing personal accounts, interviewing contractors working on the home for maintenance or renovations purposes, and making sure all functions of the home are kept up to date and running smoothly. If you have more than one member of domestic staff employed in your home, it is the job of the estate manager to ensure all factions of your domestic staff are working together to complete their allotted tasks in a way that is the most streamlined and efficient.


An estate manager can also relieve the stress associated with making sure all parts of the home are running smoothly, giving you the complete relaxing experience that domestic staffing has to offer. No longer will you need to concern yourself with managing the schedules or tasks of your staff, as the estate manager will be present to ensure everything is perfectly under control.