At Rosehill Agency, our caretakers can be placed in charge of anything having to do with the indoor and outdoor maintenance of your New York area home. As homes age, time will take its toll on your structure, but the help of a caretaker can ensure that your home stays in a well-maintained condition at all times; a professional caretaker may be placed in charge of putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, managing a renovation, looking after yearly repairs, tending to your plumbing, and performing carpentry duties as your home requires.

So often when something goes wrong in the home it doesn’t occur during a typical business hour, but with the help of a caretaker, you won’t need to wait. The presence of this type of domestic staffing professional gives you the ability to have your home in tip-top shape at all times, so you never need to worry about the costly consequence of not fixing a maintenance problem right away.

If something goes wrong in your home, or you’d simply like an interior update with a fresh coat of paint, these situations are stress-free when you hire a caretaker to look over your property.