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We at Rosehill Agency provide several different forms of domestic staffing, and our professionals even have specialties to ensure that each aspect of running your household is amply taken care of. Because each household is unique, each will require different tasks to continue to run smoothly, and our specialty services allow you to pick and choose just what you need to have the very best domestic staffing experience. Each member of our staff is also given a complete background check and screening before becoming a candidate for any task you require, so our clients never need to worry about the quality of service they may be receiving.

Full-Time Staff

Caretakers [read more]

Our caretakers are placed in charge of the indoor and outdoor maintenance of your home. Whether you’re looking for someone to take care of seasonal tasks, such as snow removal or lawn care, or a professional to oversee home renovations, our caretakers are skilled and experienced in keeping your home in continued working order.

Cooks & Chefs [read more]

One of the most commonly cited reasons for an unhealthy diet is a lack of time, but our cooks and chefs can help to eliminate this problem. A personal cook or chef can prepare all types of meals for you or your family, as well as take into consideration dietary concerns as well as particular likes or dislikes, so you’ll never again need to worry about making time for dinner.

Estate Managers [read more]

An estate manager can oversee your entire household staff and ensure everything is kept in working order at all times. Your estate manager can work with the staff in one home, or multiple homes, as your household is kept running like a well-oiled machine. Estate managers can also manage accounts as well as interview contractors or professionals coming into the home, so you can rest assured all tasks are taken care of.

Housekeepers [read more]

A housekeeper is just what you’re looking for if you’d like some pressure relieved when it comes to running the home. A housekeeper may take care of laundry, dusting, vacuuming, polishing, or other cleaning related duties as well as running personal errands and some child care, allowing you a professional capable of alleviating stress and keeping your home running smoothly.

Nannies [read more]

Our professional nannies are CPR certified, well versed in First Aid, and screened with regular background checks to allow you peace of mind that your children are being left in the best possible hands. A nanny will be in charge of coordinating your children’s schedules, helping with schoolwork, and keeping areas clean, as well as all other facets of childcare during any time it may be required.

Personal Assistants [read more]

A personal assistant may be tasked with making your appointments, calling in for reservations, booking travel plans, running errands, coordinating family schedules, or any other jobs made to keep your life running smoothly, and the assistance given by a personal assistant is invaluable. The help of a personal assistant can give you a way to set aside the tedious everyday social and professional tasks you may encounter, allowing you a schedule with significantly more freedom.


Part-Time Staff

Babysitters [read more]

As situations arise, or you simply need a night out, you’ll want to leave your children with someone you can trust. Our Rosehill Agency professional babysitting services give you access to these part-time professionals as you see fit, so you can relax and know that your children are having a safe and enjoyable time no matter where you may be.

Laundress [read more]

For families in particular, laundry is one of those household tasks that never seems to end. Separating, switching, folding, and all the while paying attention to particular laundering instructions can be both time consuming and exhausting, but our laundresses can help to eliminate this ever necessary workload. On top of washing, a laundress can also help to keep clothing and linens freshly steamed as well as ironed.

Party Staff [read more]

Party planning, whether for a celebration as large as a wedding or an intimate birthday party, can be a stressful event, but our Rosehill Agency party staff can make sure that your event  goes off without a hitch. From bartenders to party cooks, we can make sure that any event you may want to throw is one that goes smoothly from start to finish.